Your Opinion Matters! – #31DBBBDay19

I don’t like expressing my opinion, except with those I know well. I am naturally shy and reticent, and the bigger the group, the less likely I am to share. Sharing on Facebook or my blog is particularly difficult, because I don’t even know who my audience is, on any given day.

But sharing your opinion is important on your blog, if you want your blog to stand out from the others in your niche. It is also a simple way to encourage comments and interaction with your readers.

It doesn’t have be a big, controversial topic. Just choose something related to your niche. Nor is it necessary to rant, or be confrontational. An opinion post can be something as simple as sharing why you like or don’t like a book you’ve read recently. The important thing is to take it beyond the simple sharing of info, to sharing why you like or don’t like it.

Is it easy for you to voice your opinions, or is it something that makes you feel uncomfortable? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Willena Flewelling


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