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Moving Your Invisible Boundaries - by Dr. Jim Richards“Have you ever set goals, trained for maximum results, and followed the same personal development plan that seems to work for everyone else, only to hit an ‘invisible boundary’ that causes you to fall short? Unless you know how to expand your heart you will sabotage any success that might take you beyond your current heart boundaries. Even if you manage to push past your current heart boundaries, chances are you will experience some catastrophic event that pulls you back within the limits of life as you have known it!”

So begins the description of this amazing book on Amazon, and on Goodreads.

Is there anything worse than kicking an addiction, only to fall back into it months later? Or reaching a comfortable financial level, only to lose it all a year later? Or losing 50 lbs, only to gain it all back again and then some? The truth is, your behaviour will always be in accordance with the true beliefs of your heart. Until you change those beliefs, you will never permanently change your behaviour.

It’s taken me a long time to finish the book, but that’s because you can’t just give it a quick read. It’s jam packed with golden nuggets and forehead-smacking eye-openers. I’ve been marking it up and taking notes all along. “I’ll only mark what REALLY hits me in this chapter.” Which, being translated, is almost everything!

It’s a butt-kicker and a balm to my weary troubled soul, all in one marvellous book of wisdom.

Dr. Jim Richards packs a punch in a calm, simple way that quiets the chatter in my mind, and causes the mental fog to clear, so that I have no problem seeing the path I need — and, truth be told, WANT — to be on.

But, as with any pearls of wisdom, they won’t do a bit of good unless one takes action on them. Which seems like a formidable task!! Until I remember, I don’t have to do it all at once! The book is filled with golden nuggets, any one of which will enrich my life as I take it and use it and incorporate it into my life.


God is a heart God. Anything that happens in my life will happen in my heart first. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, I don’t need to look outside of myself for the answers I need from Him. He is within me, dwelling in my heart.

Watch and listen, as Dr. Jim Richards speaks more indepth on this topic…

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