Update a Key Page on Your Blog – #31DBBBDay14

Even if your blog is relatively new, but especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have broken links, or material that is dated or factually incorrect. It is important to check all of your pages and posts regularly, but today I will focus on three…



This is likely the most visited page on your blog.

What is the first impression people get from your home page? Can they tell what your blog is about when they first land there? Is it easy to navigate? What are their eyes drawn to?

Is your sidebar cluttered, distracting, or dated? Is anything irrelevant, or are there broken links?

What calls to action do you have? Do you have an ebook or report you want them to download? Do you want them to connect with on social media? What do you want them to do, and is it obvious that’s what you want them to do?


People want to know who you are. Tell your story, and remember, it is evolving and changing. Keep it updated.

Your About page is a key page, because it’s one of the first places a new reader goes to learn more about you. This includes advertisers and PR people, so if that is important to you, you’ll want to keep your About page interesting and up to date. It’s where you build credibility or destory it. It’s often where people go to decide to subscribe, follow, or keep coming back.

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Often there will be a few posts that have more traffic than the others. Use Google Analytics to search and identify your most popular posts. Determine how you bring even more traffic to those posts, and also use them to direct readers to other posts on your blog.

Keep these posts up to date.

Make sure you have the best quality content you can, within that post.

Add links to further reading at the bottom of the post. Or add links throughout the post, to further reading on your blog.

Add calls to action — to follow you on social media, or to buy or download something.

Pay attention to SEO and keywords in those posts.

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There are any number of pages and posts on your blog that you can check to make sure they are up to date. Don’t get bogged down. Today’s challenge is to CHOOSE ONE.

Later, you can gradually go through and update the others one by one. Then continue to check them once a month on an ongoing basis.

I’d love to hear what you think of this challenge, in the comments below! And if you’ve found value in this post, be sure to share it on your favourite social media.

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