Try Something New

take the subway

take the subway

My friend, Marquita Herald, has written an inspiring blog post, entitled, 10 Simple Ways to Gradually Expand Your Comfort Zone. Among her suggestions are to try a new food, use public transportation, and read a book in a different genre.

Try a New Food

My kids’ interest in Japan has led not only to anime movies, or watching my daughter’s participation in a Japanese play, but also to experience the delights of Japanese, Thai and Korean foods.

Use Public Transportation

I moved from my small hometown of Georgetown, to the big city of Toronto, as a naive 20-year-old. Since I had no car, I became well acquainted with the Toronto Transit routes — buses, streetcars, and subways, but especially the latter. I liked nothing better than to hop on the subway at Bloor & Yonge, and travel south, around the bend at Union Station, then north as far as it would go — or take the east-west train for as long as they would let me. It was a great way to see the city, and watch people of every variety and ethnic group. Sometimes I talked to fellow travellers, but mostly I sat and observed people, or read a book. When I missed the first choir practice after they decided to do the Hallelujah Chorus, I learned the first couple of pages of my alto part on the busy subway, by reading the notes. No easy feat!

Read a Book in a Different Genre

old radioNathaniel, my homeschooling 15-year-old, have recently discovered the delights of, which is the audiobook counterpart of All audiobooks are in the public domain, and we are feasting our ears on the classics, boys’ stories, as well as dipping into areas that are new to us. Just like listening to an old-time radio program! We’ve been introduced to many authors I hadn’t even heard of. This is not only a delight, but it’s enlightening and educational as well.

These are not one-time actions. As Marquita suggests, why not make a point of doing something new each week? And have fun with it!

A wise friend once pointed out to me that you have do something in order to have something to write about. Doing something new is even better. Doing is the best antidote to a “boring” life.

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  1. Willena, may the peace of our Lord be with you.

    I would like to share something about this subject. I found this in my studies of “Getting out of your comfort zone”.

    If your comfort zone is small—i.e. the number of things you can do without feeling anxious are few—you’ll either be anxious a lot of the time or miss out on a lot of the excitement life has to offer. By getting out of your comfort zone more regularly, you’ll increase the number of things you’re comfortable with. source Crew Blog,

    Saying that, beings me to my experiences with this. I am bold as a lion and always have been. There is nothing I feel uncomfortable doing. Simple, I will only take part in manifesting hope within each person I interact with. My activities are after much thought. Never zestful and miss the way. Being aware of my choices and how it will reflect, as me living a hopeful live. Priceless!

    Thanks for sharing your perception. We receive a message like this. It only inspires us to get out and do more in live. It is about gaining experiences to share with others. Not boasting, yet encouraging others to do the same.


    • Hello Brother Bill!

      I am naturally timid. Even when I was 5, my mom called me her little worrywart! It’s so easy to discourage me. Some people are spurred into action when told they “can’t” do something. Me? I believe them. And if one person assures me I can do something, and another tells me I can’t, guess which one I believe?

      That’s the only reason I’m not a many-times published author. It’s good to know that about myself, and when I “can’t” believe I can do what God has obviously equipped and designed me to do, then shame on me. Thankfully I can believe HIM, and go in HIS power.
      Willena Flewelling recently posted…Even the Smallest DetailsMy Profile

  2. Well it certainly sounds like you had no problem following her advice Willena!

    Hey, I’m all for mixing things up too every once and a while! And Marquita’s excellent advice seems like just what the Dr.Ordered!

    I’ve yet to actually read her post yet, but as soon as I saw the title, I was intrigued as well!She always provides such mentally challenging articles! So I can’t wait to read it, to get the skinny!

    Thanks so much for take on it!
    Mark recently posted…How To Get Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Site Without Relying On Search Engine Optimization!Part ThreeMy Profile

  3. Marquita is marvellous! I love her wisdom.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Beginning of the Empty NestMy Profile

  4. I agree that trying new experiences is a wonderful way to find new experiences you enjoy. It is so easy to stick to the habit of what you always do. And to the extent you enjoy that it is good too. But still trying new things lets you find new joys and even to appreciate what you have always done more. It is great to travel overseas. The new experiences are wonderful. You also can learn to appreciate what you normally take for granted.
    John recently posted…Chomphet Hike, Luang Prabang, LaosMy Profile

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