Timothy (10)

Timothy (10)

Timothy is our “words” guy.

He’s always loved words, the way they sound, and the way they fit together. He won the family summer reading contest when he was around 12. He participated in NaNoWriMo every year but last year, and crossed the finish line nearly every year by writing more than 50K words of fiction during the month of November. He also knows the meaning of “human pretzel”. When he was a teenager, he could put one foot up behind his head, and hop across the room on the other leg.


as a brand new teenager

as a brand new teenager

Timothy is our Word guy.

As in God’s Word. He learned his Shorter Catechism faster than his brother who was two years older. He grabbed a globe one time when he was only a young teen, to find out how many nations in the Bible are still in the same place in the world with the same name. He enjoys listening to R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur, Kent Hovind, and Francis Chan. He graduated from Bible College this year and plans to go on to further training, with the thought of sharing the Word with others.



Bible College grad

Bible College grad

Timothy is also our birthday boy!

Turning 22 today.

Timothy enjoys the distinction of being the only one of our 7 children who was born on his due date. He was also my quickest labour (42 minutes) and my second largest baby (11 lbs.)

We still get to see Timothy nearly every weekend, even though he lives in the city with his brother, where he is working all summer as a framer, in house construction.

“That’s not a farmer’s tan!” he informed me. “It’s a framer’s tan!”

Happy Birthday, Timothy!

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