Time for a Social Media Audit – #31DBBBDay8

Social mediaIf you’re like me, you are on multiple social media platforms, but you’re not using them all to the best advantage for your business or personal brand.

Which Social Media Sites?

Which social media sites are you using? Are they the best ones for your site? Or are you focusing a lot of time and energy on several that aren’t getting you anywhere? Do you have a plan for building your personal brand, or are you drifting aimlessly, posting at random?

Take a look at your blog analytics to see where most of your readers are actually coming from. Choose ONE of your social networks and focus on it. Later you may add another, but for now, focus on that one.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

1. How are you using the site?
What percentage of your posts or status updates are in each area? Examples might be selling, community interaction, driving traffic to your posts, including older posts that are still of value. Balance your posting, and make sure you offer value a lot more often than selling something in particular.

2. How much time are you spending on there?
Is your time on your chosen social media site getting benefits that reflect the time you spend?

Are you using any type of automation on your account?

What voice are you making your posts in? Funny? Formal? Do the voices clash, or are they a true portrayal of who you are?

3. Design an editorial calendar

Posting on social media is like posting on your blog. Sporadic posting in bursts is not good. Consistency is key.

What goals do you have?

How often do you want to update?

What types of posts work for you?
For example, you might try four times a day with different types of posts. Link to your latest blog post; ask a question; link to an older blog post; share a motivational quote… so that your audience is being engaged in different ways.

Check the stats of your blog again to see what kind of traffic you’re getting, and what type of post invites the most social engagement.
Text, images, video? Headlines, keywords?What topics trigger shares, comments, clicking on links?

Take all of these things into consideration when designing your editorial calendar.

4. Are there features you are not using?

Pinned posts are great where they are available.

Do you need to update your avatar, header image, etc.?

How visual is your content? Canva and PicMonkey allow you to edit images and make them unique and personal.

I know I have a lot of work to do in this area! How about you? What have you done to make your blog more visible on social media? I’d love to hear more suggestions.

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  1. I don’t do much with social media. Twitter is where I spend by far the most time on social media but it is mainly me reading and finding stuff. I tweet a bit but still don’t have enough followers to matter much at all.

    I do get traffic via facebook (I don’t use at all), Pinterest and Linked In – from other posting about my links. I signed up for Pinterest and then the silly forms they had didn’t work and I haven’t been back. When I get bored I’ll try again and see if they fixed the bug.
    John recently posted…Reverse Budgeting: Money that Must be SpentMy Profile

  2. I use Twitter – which I LOVE – for both networking & general chatting; I use Facebook but have a page & group for my blogging side and my own profile for socialising with my real (as opposed to virtual) friends & family ; I do have a presence on Google + and Pinterest too – they are my latest ventures! 😊
    Linda Hobden recently posted…An Interview With Rock That LookMy Profile

    • I really need to work on using social media for the business side of things. Facebook is the one where I’m most interactive, but I have a ways to go before I’m using any of the social media platforms for anything really profitable.

  3. I definitely need to conduct an audit not just of my social media outlets, but of my Word Press site – I know there are plugins that I’m no longer using. Thanks for the reminder!
    Kimba recently posted…Stray Dogs & Ugly PumpkinsMy Profile

  4. You’ve really raised a lot of key points, Willena, as to the proper use of social media.

    I don’t think it matters so much which particular platform someone wants to focus on. Facebook is great of course, I like Twitter but don’t quite “get it” even though I use it, and LinkedIn is very powerful. But they’re all good. The key is to pick one or 2 and then use a good editorial schedule like you’ve outlined here. Be consistent, focused and establish a real presence. Build relationships and be social! Have fun and promote yourself and your blog because, hey, you have fun there, too.. don’t you?

    This is a very helpful article, Willena, so thanks for the effort you put into it.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…Blogger’s Dream Number 186My Profile

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