The Lego Story

Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958)

Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958)

Everyone loves Lego!

Even I think Lego is pretty cool — and I am the only one in our family of nine who has never played with them.

We started off with several large buckets of them, when James was little, and built on our collection as the years passed and more children came along. It was nothing to see all the kids and their dad sitting around a Lego-laden blanket in the middle of the living room floor.


Commonly overheard:

“Who took all the blue two-year-olds?”

“I need one more yellow six-year-old!”

“Where’s another head?”

One of my sons entered a Lego construction in the local fair, and won a prize for it! We still have several other constructions we’ve kept because we didn’t want them taken apart.

But have you ever heard the story of how Lego’s came into being? Ole Kirk Christiansen suffered several devastating losses, any of which could have brought him down. Instead, each one sent him in a new direction in his life.

Ole’s amazing courage and strong work ethic were passed on to his third son, Godtfred, who continued his work after his father’s death in 1958.

Are you inspired by the story of Ole and his son, and how the Lego company grew? What Lego stories do you have to share? I’d love to hear, in the comments below…

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  1. What a great article. Thank you for sharing. We also love Legos in my family. It is great to now know how they originated.
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