Stealer of Dreams

74When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer like my favourite author, Enid Blyton. But none of my teachers ever told me I could write, or encouraged me in that direction.

When I was a student at Ontario Bible College, I wanted to write stories for weekly Sunday School papers. I was delighted when a representative from a large Christian publishing company came and told how to get published. But the list of obstacles was huge, and I was sure they would never accept my writing.

When I was 25, I wanted to write the story of my brief marriage to my first husband. The only widows I knew at that time were much older, and had been married for many years before losing their husbands. I knew of no books that would help a young widow like myself, and I was sure such a book would be a real encouragement to other young women in similar circumstances. But I enrolled at Prairie Bible Institute and was immediately plunged into a heavy schedule of studies. I would wait a little while, till I wasn’t so busy.

When I graduated, I joined the staff, and less than a year later, I married Ian. Our first child came within the year.

Seasons of Life

“Set your dreams aside while your kids are little. There are seasons of life for everything, and your kids are little for such a short a time. Wait till they are in school.”

It sounds like great advice, and I heard it over and over from the experts.

But what if you are called to have a large family, and they don’t leave to go to school? We were blessed with seven children in sixteen years, and homeschooled all of them.

Now I am 63, with only one teenager still at home. Homeschooling takes far less time and energy. But health issues have kicked in, pain and fatigue dominate too many days, and my book is still not written. Now the advice has changed.

“Don’t die with your music still in you!”

That’s a terrifying thought, particularly to a mom who has lost a son and a son-in-law, both in young manhood.

There comes a point where you realize you can’t put life on hold, because this IS your life.

Am I to live with pain and fatigue for the remainder of my days?

I don’t believe so. I am taking action to improve things. But this has gone on for long enough to make me wonder if it won’t remain in some degree.

I could blame my teachers, my circumstances, and the ravages of time for my lack of achievement in writing. But I know there are numerous published authors who have overcome far greater obstacles than I have faced.

Stealer of Dreams

The real Stealer of Dreams is ME. I can’t drift forever. I’m not getting any younger. I can’t wait for things to get better. It’s time to reach out that withered hand today, right now, in the midst of things as they are. And trust my Lord for the results.

Any comments, challenges and encouragement would be most welcome!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Go for it! You have a God-given dream and it’s never too late. I can relate to your story … I have also put off the desire to write for years and finally with Jerry’s help and other writing friends at the Guild, I’m finally doing it and I’ve never felt happier.

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