Create a Sneeze Page for Your Blog – #31DBBBDay18

Little girl is blowing her noseCreate a — a what??? A sneeze page. It’s a term coined by Darren Rowse, and makes perfect sense once you know what it is.

Contrary to what I thought on seeing this title, a “sneeze page” is not a “squeeze page”.

A SQUEEZE page is [Read more…]

Time for a Little Talk

~ Fiction based firmly in fact…

The tree stood proudly in the corner, tiny lights casting a twinkly glow on glossy balls and finely detailed wooden decorations. The popcorn and cranberry strands had, despite the presence of half a dozen small children, miraculously remained intact. Donna’s swift glance took in the gifts under the tree, the music waiting on the piano, the couch, TV and bookshelves free of toys and books, the extra dining table set up in the middle of the room with another smaller one beside it for little people. Five-month-old Mikey was asleep in his baby seat at the end of the couch. Her husband, Jeff, was down in the basement, looking for more chairs.

“Mommy! Daddy! They’re here!” The chorus of excited voices came from the top of the stairs. [Read more…]

Watch a First Time Reader Use Your Blog – #31DBBBDay17

Have you ever wondered what someone thinks of your blog on seeing it for the first time? Today’s challenge allows you to do just that.

Find someone — doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a friend, or a stranger — who has never been to your blog before. Have him sit down at a computer — not a phone or other device — give him your blog URL. Let him navigate around your blog however he wants to, without any guidance or comment on your part. Just observe how he navigates. [Read more…]

One Year Ago

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since we lost our son James… and 5 years since I wrote the following… [Read more…]

Solve a Problem for Your Readers – #31DBBBDay16


Darren Rowse’s daily blogging goal is to solve at least one problem that might apply to multiple readers. [Read more…]

Find a Blogging Buddy – #31DBBBDay15

Blogging can be a solitary occupation. But it’s no fun if you’re trying to do it ALL alone. Having a blogging buddy, or a group of blogging friends can make it easier in so many ways.


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Update a Key Page on Your Blog – #31DBBBDay14

Even if your blog is relatively new, but especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have broken links, or material that is dated or factually incorrect. It is important to check all of your pages and posts regularly, but today I will focus on three… [Read more…]

How a Trip to the Mall Will Improve Your Blog – #31DBBBDay13

Today’s challenge is a little different, and will get you away from your computer and out into the “real” world. It will certainly be easier for some than for others. Easy if you live in a city or large town… not so easy for some of us who live out in the country, and go to town once a week — and it isn’t to go shopping!

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re in a different environment. So… [Read more…]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar – #31DBBBDay12


Planning ahead with an editorial calendar will:

– take the pressure off idea generation
– help you create momentum
– give your blog cohesiveness rather than random bits of content

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Brainstorming to Come Up with Post Ideas – #31DBBBDay11

If you have already set aside a time to write on a regular basis, you’re ‘way ahead of the average blogger. But don’t wait till you sit down to blog, to decide what you’re going to write. Even if you are the spontaneous type who can do that, you’ll still find that brainstorming ahead of time will ease the pressure to produce something NOW.

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