Make Your Readers Famous – #31DBBBDay22

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Even if your blog is small, or hasn’t been online for very long, you will benefit from highlighting your readers, and other bloggers. People appreciate being valued, and are more likely to keep coming back to your blog. They may also tell others about your blog, which means more readers for you.

Highlighting your readers shows them you are interested in them, and it may make others who read your posts feel valued too — especially if you do this on a regular basis.



In today’s post, Darren Rowse lists quite a few. I will mention four…

1. Promote a comment to a post.
Sometimes a reader will make a comment that you find particularly interesting or useful. A handful of people might see it in the comment thread. Why not use that comment as the basis for a blog post, where all of your readers will see it?

2. Write a post about a reader’s blog.
Visit some of your readers’ blogs, and choose one that resonates with you. Write a review of that blog, highlighting the best posts, and what you like about the blog.

3. Send your readers to comment on another’s blog.
Write a post linking to another blogger’s post, and suggest that your readers go over there and comment on it.

4. Reader of the week.
Choose one of your readers each week, and to highlight in a post.



No problem! You may not have many readers who are commenting, but you know other bloggers. Write a post that links to one of them, and highlight that blogger to your readers today.


I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and you’ll share it via the social media buttons. And do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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