Let’s Peek Through a Window

window_wood_darkI think we live in the best of times, enjoying the best of the present AND the past. The wonderful technology available to us today gives us a window into what was happening at any given point in the past.

Let’s take a peek through one of those windows now, shall we?

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon in May, 1953. A young couple have joined some friends for an afternoon of fishing down at the river. Suddenly, and without warning, that young couple sprang into action, scrambling under the fence again in a race against time – to the car and down the highway to the hospital. Baby has decided she has waited long enough and It Is Time to make her appearance!

Yes, I was born on Mother’s Day in 1953, first child of my parents. That same day, Fred Astaire was celebrating his 54th birthday, and Wayne Dyer turned 13. I was in good company.

On that day in the UK, people were listening to Frankie Laine singing “I Believe”.

This song was #1 on UK charts May 10, 1953, for the 3rd of 9 weeks. To this day, it still holds the UK record for the most weeks spent at #1.

In North America, people were listening to Patti Page singing “The Doggie in the Window”, where it was #1 on the US charts for the 12th week in a row.

Both of those songs have been long-time favourites of mine, even though it’s only recently I learned that they held the #1 spot on the day I was born.

“I Believe” is a song of faith and beauty. “Every time I hear a newborn baby cry…” has always brought a tear to my eye. Faith in my Lord Jesus Christ has been precious to me since He blessed me with the gift of salvation when I was 13.

“The Doggie in the Window” has been heard often in our home – not by Patti Page, but from a tiny music box inside a teddy bear given to our son Andrew when he was born almost 23 years ago. The teddy has been through a lot, but he still sings for us when we squeeze his paw.

My mom was not expecting me to be born that day — I was 12 days early. It’s probably the only time in my life I’ve ever been in a hurry to take action! My dad swore he’d never take my mom fishing again. And he never did! But I take delight in the fact that I made my mother a mother on Mother’s Day, just three days before her own birthday.

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  1. This article is very close to my heart.

    This post try to tell us that with the other side of window we left our past days.

    And our side we can live our present and try to make future better for upcoming days.
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