Knitting? or Crocheting?

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Knitting and crocheting are like cats and dogs, or hamsters and gerbils. We think of them together because they are so much alike, yet they are as different as they are alike.

Both use the same materials and are used to make the same kind of items; both are worked by hand with a small metal tool; both can be taken anywhere; both can be done in small squares or one continuous blanket made in rows… etc. And yet they are so different.

I have been doing both knitting and crochet for more than thirty years. I prefer doing crochet because it works up faster, is more forgiving when I make a mistake, and is easier to set aside when I am interrupted. I don’t lose it all if the hook falls out. In fact, I take the hook out and pull that one stitch to make a much bigger loop so it won’t unravel on me if someone gets ahold of it. Crocheting is more forgiving in that a mistake is easier to correct, and doesn’t mar the finished product.

Knitting, on the other hand, calls for more patience as it takes much longer for it to build up into anything. When I make a mistake it is harder to correct it. If I lose a stitch it’s much harder for me to capture it and if the stitches all come off the needle, I seldom get them back on without twisting them. This shows in the finished product. Even a knot in the yarn, tied there when I run out of yarn and start a new skein, shows in the finished product. Knitting calls for continuous counting, and if I lose my place, the pattern is ruined, and the only way to repair it is retrace my steps and redo it, at a cost of time and effort. But a knitted garment is, in my eyes, much prettier, finer, stronger and more flexible than one done in crochet.

Knit or crochet? They both have their place. One is easy and fun and gives a quick reward for your efforts. The other costs more in time and effort, and is less forgiving, but if you stick with it the results are well worth it… lovelier, finer, stronger and more durable.

Application can be made to any one of many areas of life, but I wrote it with friendships in mind. Some friendships form quickly but never progress beyond superficial because one party isn’t willing to (or there is no basis for) work at building something deep and enduring out of it… while other frienships build more slowly, but with a depth, richness and colour that is worth the time and effort that go into building, and into upkeep when things go wrong.

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  1. I never have been able to knit. I try so hard but I just get all tangled up with the two needles. However, I am not terrific at crochet either. I am VERY good at cross-stitch and other needlework in that manner 😀
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  2. I like crocheting. It’s been a while since I have, but it’s also what I know how to do. I’ve never tried knitting. I’ve been wanting to try crocheting a blanket for myself, but I kind of wondering if I may need to wait until I have a long car trip or two for that… lol
    Nile recently posted…How to Recover from Blogger BurnoutMy Profile

    • Nile, it’s been a while since I’ve crocheted anything, too. I used to crochet while watching videos, but now I spend a lot more time at the computer. I haven’t mastered the art of crocheting while reading… lol
      Willena Flewelling recently posted…Just Havin’ FunMy Profile

  3. I can do both knitting and crocheting, but I prefer knitting, I just love the end product of knitting. I enjoy reading and figuring out the notes and patterns in knitting. As you you apply it to friendship I agree it can be used to many areas of life. It can be applied to relationships in marriages, with our children and also in creating our businesses. Thanks for sharing.
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