Improve Someone Else’s Blog – #31DBBBDay26

Why Work to Improve Someone Else’s Blog?

For the most part, this challenge — 31 Days to Build a Better Blog — is about taking action to improve our own blog. So why would I want to put forth the effort to improve someone else’s?

Maybe because “what goes around comes around”, and you tend to get what you give. Maybe because you’ll make a big impression on another blogger by helping him achieve his goals for his blog. Or maybe because it feels good to do something nice for someone for no particular reason.

So How Do I Improve Someone Else’s Blog?

We’ve talked before about leaving helpful comments on others’ blogs. And that’s great — we should do that — and the more, the better.

But today’s task goes a step beyond that. Today’s task is to focus on ONE blog, do something to help make it better.

Some Suggestions

Leave an especially thoughtful, insightful comment.
Offer to write a guest post that will be useful to that person’s blog.
Link to the blog and send your readers to it.
Promote the blog in social media.
Recommend to your readers that they should subscribe to the blog.
Write an email telling the blogger how you found one of his or her posts helpful.

Writing a Guest Post

This can be tricky, because many bloggers haven’t really thought of having someone else post on their blog. It might be worth writing a guest post ahead of time, and then offering it to the other blogger. That way, if he refuses, you have a post to put on your own blog.

If you’ve never approached another blogger to offer a guest post before, this might help boost your confidence:

How to be a Good Guest Blogger

Have you ever written a guest post? Would you? Or do some of the other suggestions appeal to you more?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below!

Willena Flewelling


  1. Guest posting is a great way to benefit the blog and yourself (with new followers). It is easiest if you find a blog that accepts guest posts at least occasionally already. That way you know they understand the idea.

    Linking to another blog and promoting them in social media is another great idea. I do this all the time. And many people do, but it is something that most people could do much more, in my opinion. Help those you enjoy get more traffic.
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