How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly – #31DBBBDay6

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If you are much involved in blogging, you already know how important it is that a blog be mobile-friendly. At least half of all readers of blogs arrive by way of their phone or tablet — and that number is growing. I don’t have a cell phone, and I use my tablet mostly as a kindle reader. Here in my cozy home, at my desktop computer, it’s easy to forget how the rest of the world lives.

I thought I had all the bases covered, because I am using Genesis Prose, and all of the Genesis themes are fully mobile responsive. But in doing today’s blogging challenge exercise, I discovered there is more to it than that.

Test Your Blog

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is the simple one, and it tells me my blog is mobile-friendly.

Google’s Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices Site is more thorough, and tells me of a number of areas where my blog needs work. It also tells me how to fix the problems.


There are also WordPress plugins designed to help make websites more mobile-friendly. Sarah Arrow over at Sark e-Media explains why that might not be a good idea.

Chances are you’ve already tested your site and made any necessary changes. But if not, I hope you’ve found this article useful. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, Willena, being mobile friendly is key to progress. I am fortunate that all of my sites are WordPress and mobile friendly. I have found some things that affect how they look on mobile, especially tables, so I tend to avoid those now and look for other ways to present things that worked better in tables in the past.
    Good stuff
    Barrie Evans recently posted…Stop Complaining And Take Full Responsibility.My Profile

  2. I agree with you Willena,
    Statistics have shown that the number of people that are surfing the internet through their mobile devices has passed the number that surfs using computers.

    And with this in mind, i think that any blogger who is yet to optimize his blogs for mobile devices is really making a very big mistake because he will be loosing lots of leads as a result of this and also, Google has started using it as a ranking factor as well.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Newsjacking – 21 Ways to Be Sure You’re Doing it RightMy Profile

  3. Great post Willena. There are unfortunately far too many sites that aren’t mobile friendly. As more people turn to tablets and phones as their primary devices the need to develop mobile friendly sites will only increase.
    Tracy J Thomas recently posted…Back to My Love – Mobile PhotomontageMy Profile

  4. This one is so easy to neglect and or overlook Willena!

    Thanks so much for reminding us,
    that the world of successful Internet marketing is not a static one!

    And as you mentioned, more & more every day, visitors, particularly
    first time visitors are finding our sites on many different type of devices.

    So it’s extremely critical that our sites reflect that, otherwise they’ll quickly
    find a competitors site that does!
    Mark recently posted…How And Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Can Make Insane Profits Simply By Catering To A Niche!My Profile

  5. Hello Willena. The world is certainly changing HUH? Just take a walk through the mall and I guarantee you will see at least 10 people surfing the web, CRAZY In an mall?

    It is so important to make sure your site is mobile ready. I was shocked to see you mention Sarah here, she is the one who actually helped make my site mobile ready.

    She is such Great Friend!

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Can A Success Mindset Help You Make Money Online?My Profile

  6. Such a useful and good informative post. Today’s everyone should have i-phones and mobiles, so the business people easily reached their customers. Your post is very helpful for me and Thanks for advice and guide and sharing your experience keep up it.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  7. Hi Willen

    it is important to make the website mobile ready. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise and clear presentation.

    Stella Chiu recently posted…Girls, Before You Will Say “I Do”My Profile

  8. Hi Willena, I’m thinking of creating a Genesis them to update my main site. What issues did you find with yours?

    Now Google is going to be penalizing app sites that have full page calls to download apps, I’m wondering if this will follow through to sites that have full page calls to action, ads or even images with a lot of text.
    Sue Bride recently posted…A Round-Up Post About Roundup PostsMy Profile

  9. hey wellena,
    thanks for your post. being mobile friendly gives more proggres to website. Because most people open internet from mobile.
    Gambar Lucu recently posted…Ayam Ketawa dan HarganyaMy Profile

  10. Great information shared. very useful to all to get progress thanks for sharing

  11. great shared and get to information thanks for providing
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