How to Create an Editorial Calendar – #31DBBBDay12


Planning ahead with an editorial calendar will:

– take the pressure off idea generation
– help you create momentum
– give your blog cohesiveness rather than random bits of content

– set deadlines
– help you with regular and consistent production of content
– show you the big picture, and show gaps in the type of content you’re posting
– show clearly what is to be posted when
– help you plan your content around special days and events
– help you mix up your content, and be more intentional about what you’re posting, and when



Calculate how many posts you want to write next week. It doesn’t matter how many at this point — it’s entirely up to you.

Set up a spreadsheet — or a Word document, or even a sheet of paper. Leave enough slots for each post, and a time and date for each.

Find the list of post ideas you made a few days ago, and choose which ones you want to post next week. Flesh each one out a little, with a headline and a short description of what the post will be about.

Some bloggers like to make each day of the week a different type of post. For instance, on Mondays you might write a list post, Tuesdays a how-to post, Wednesday an interview post, etc. It’s an easy way of organizing your posts, especially if you are new at it.

For the purposes of this post, your editorial calendar will be for just one week — next week. Hence its simplicity.

When you’re ready to try something bigger and more elaborate, here are some tools and resources for making that happen.



How to Fill Your Blog’s Editorial Calendar for a Year – Sarah Arrow

How to Plan an Editorial Calendar – webinar recording

WordPress Editorial Calendar – plugin

Complete Guide to choosing a Content Calendar – Buffer


If you are already using an editorial calendar plugin or other software, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Willena Flewelling


  1. Hi Willena

    Good reasons to have an editorial calendar.

    I used to use one when I was posting daily to a blog, but to be honest I couldn’t keep it up, so I just post weekly now. What I tend to do is put draft posts in my blog as ideas.

    When I used an editorial calendar I used a free plug-in, but – nice as it was – it was only really adding to the load on my blog and if I were to do it again I would use and Excel spread-sheet.

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  2. Thanks for the writing this really amazing post. I am really glad to find your post.

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