How Does Your Blog Measure Up? – #31DBBBDay4

looking thru magnifying glassThere’s always room for improvement. But HOW do you improve? The answer is found in today’s exercise.

Analyze a top blog in your niche.

I’ve been doing this naturally for more than five years, but I’ve never narrowed it down to one focus. I was trying to be a network marketer and a writer at the same time, but I couldn’t do both. As it turns out, I struggled for five years not doing well at either one. So I have learned a lot about blogging in general, but not about blogging in my niche — writing.

I could list a couple of dozen top notch writing blogs, and probably just as many blogs of great writers. My niche is more a cross between the two. So I’m looking for published authors who have great blogs.

That narrows it down. My two absolute favourites are Michael Hyatt
and Jeff Goins.

What to look for when analysing a blog.

This can be broken down into quite a few smaller parts, but I’ll just touch on three.



What topics does he write about?
What topics do he ignore?
What voice does he usually write in — authoritative? conversational?
What style of posts does he write — list posts? opinion? educational?
How often does he post?
How long are his posts — short, sharp posts? long, deep ones?
Does he include videos, podcasts, infographics?
Is most of his content original, or does he do a fair bit of curating others’ content?



How does he engage with his readers, and build community?
Does he use WordPress comments, or something else, like Disqus?
Or does he prefer to engage only on social media?
What types of posts get the most comments, likes, and shares?
How much does the blogger himself engage with his readers via comment replies?
What social media platforms does he use? Any new ones you want to explore?
Does he use polls, surveys, or quizzes?
Does he have a newsletter? What sort of content does he send in a newsletter, and how often does he send it?
Does he have a free ebook or report?



What is your first impression? Is the blog clean and simple? Cluttered and busy?
What does he use for his front page — a portal? his blog posts?
What template and colour scheme does he use?
What is the layout of his blog?
What does he have in his menu and sidebars?
Does he have a Hello bar up on top of his blog?
Is his blog easy to navigate?
What’s in his header?
What is the title of his blog — and his tagline?


All of these questions are a great way to look at a blog, with the view of improving your own. But the most important thing to remember is this:

Learn from the best, but don’t copy them! You are you. Your blog is yours. Don’t try to imitate anyone else, no matter how good he or she is.

Willena Flewelling


  1. Hey., Design i admit it.,which always grabs the attention of every single bloggers.. and users who trackbacks it. :)moreover it should fast loading is it??
    Sneha recently posted…Top 10 Best 2015 Onam SMS Wishes 2015 In MalayalamMy Profile

  2. Hello Willena, Every sound advice and one I will take note of and run with, I think sometimes we just think we need to know it all HUH?
    Thank you for the wonderful tips
    Have a Blessed Evening
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Start Making Money Online With A Team & A SystemMy Profile

  3. Thank you Willena. “How Does Your Blog Measure Up” great info, I always wonder that. Being a PAC member gives us a change to check out members blogs, there are always something new to learn.
    So true! ‘Learn from the best, but don’t copy them! You are you”

  4. Loved this article. I learned alot from it.

  5. Great things to keep in mind! Love it. Especially the last paragraph 🙂

  6. I build sites for others so I’m always conscious of blog design and layout etc but my own site is well overdue for an overhaul. Because I want it to be as perfect as I can make it I keep putting it off. Thank you for introducing us to Michael Hyatt because I just read a post of his that talked of a way for me to get started 🙂
    Sue Bride recently posted…Tips for Using the Best Images for Blogs and Social MediaMy Profile

  7. > Learn from the best, but don’t copy them!

    Both pieces of this advice are so important. Learning from what others do well is valuable. But trying to copy it usually will be a total failure. The situation you and the person you copy from are not the same. They may be similar but that still means you can’t just copy and think it will work. You need to learn from them and then figure out how to adapt the ideas to your situation.
    John recently posted…Housing Savings by Living as a NomadMy Profile

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