How a Trip to the Mall Will Improve Your Blog – #31DBBBDay13

Today’s challenge is a little different, and will get you away from your computer and out into the “real” world. It will certainly be easier for some than for others. Easy if you live in a city or large town… not so easy for some of us who live out in the country, and go to town once a week — and it isn’t to go shopping!

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re in a different environment. So…

Grab a notebook and pen, and head for the shopping mall. Spend 30 minutes or so just observing people and their shopping habits.

– Who is here?
– Who are they with?
– What are they doing?
– Are they actually shopping, or are they doing something else?
– What are they buying? What’s hot right now?
– How do they make their decisions?
– What are retailers doing to attract people’s attention and stand out in a noisy environment?
– What messages are they sending? What calls to action?
– What colours are popular? What fashions?
– What are retailers doing well? What are they doing poorly?

Take notes, but don’t make any interpretations yet.

At end of your 30 minutes, sit down with a coffee and analyze what you’ve seen. Apply it to your own blog.

What are you doing well? What can you change to attract more people and call them to action?

If you’re like me, and you’re a long way from a shopping mall, maybe there’s a restaurant nearby — or a museum, or a tourist attraction. Even at a library, you can analyze the way books are displayed, and how people respond to them.

The important thing is to watch and observe, and see how people sell and are sold to.

Darren Rowse never recommends that his readers do something he is not tested and proven for himself. Here are a few benefits he found from doing this exercise:

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I’d love to hear what you think of this challenge, in the comments below! And if you’ve found value in this post, be sure to share it on your favourite social media.

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