Groundhog Day

If we even had such a thing as a groundhog around here, I don’t think he would have ventured out of his den today! With steady snowfall and a temperature of -15C (a tad above 0F), he’d be smart to stay in hiding!

Here in north/central Alberta, Groundhog Day doesn’t mean a lot. Whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, winter isn’t over till late in April.

We wait till the last week in May to plant our gardens, because that’s when we can be reasonably sure all danger of frost has passed.

For me, “Groundhog Day” is far more likely to conjure up images of the popular Bill Murray movie of the same name.

Day after day he wakes up to live the same day over and over again, making mistake after mistake — until finally one day he gets it right. And the next day he woke up to a brand new day.

No one would say he was happy about it. Yet still he bumbled through each day as if he hadn’t learned anything at all from the day before.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Too often I feel as if my life is like that… reliving the same day over and over again and never getting it right. It took him quite a while, but even Bill Murray’s character eventually reached the day when he did it right.

Does it really have to take so long? No. My mom used to say if there’s a backwards way of doing something, I would be sure to find it. But even if I was that way in the past, it doesn’t mean I’m doomed to be that way for the rest of my life.

Often we know what to do to change, and we just don’t do it for whatever reason. I see this in my own life in several key areas. As a favourite teacher of mine used to say:

“If you know what your problem is, DO something about it — and watch your life move forward!”

It’s always fun to see what does show up in the news on Groundhog Day in other parts of North America. Here’s something I found today



  1. Hi Willena,

    I’ve never really believed about the groundhogs but it is good for fun to see what happens. Bill Murray did take quite a while to figure it out.

    Thanks for sharing the interesting story about the different predictions.

  2. This one was nice to know some of the history about where you live and how life is there…we used to live in a colder climate and we always checked to see if the groundhog saw his shadow…probably more to do with tradition than anything. The movie Grounghog Day I liked because it does show how we go about wanting change without making in changes. I see you had a smart teacher. 😊 p.s. I always think of you in November…

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