Get a New Name Day

Do you know February 13th is Get a Different Name Day? Did you even know it was a thing? I didn’t, till a couple of years ago.

Just think how ecstatic Anne of Green Gables  would have been, to know there was one day in the year when she could be called Cordelia, rather than plain old Anne! Her sentiments, not mine, since I love the name Anne, and don’t particularly care for Cordelia.



I think it’s silly to have a “Day” for just about everything one could think of. But I rather like this one, because it’s today of all days.

Get a Different Name Day is supposed to be for those who don’t like the name they’re given. I happen to like my name, since it was given to me by my father, who died when I was seven. But on February 13, 1982, I really did change my LAST name. It’s the day I was married to Ian Flewelling!

Years ago, I liked making name cards for my family and friends. On a 5×8 card, I would print the name in large letters at the top of the card, with its meaning underneath in smaller letters. On the bottom half of the card I would write a Bible verse pertaining to the meaning of the name.

I never could find a meaning for my own name, because in all the scores of name books I’ve looked in over the years, “Willena” did not appear, even as a derivative of another name. I can guess it comes from William, but I could never point to a page in a name book and say, “There it is!”

So I made myself a card with one of my favourite Bible names, to take as my own. “Anna”, meaning “gracious”. I don’t remember what verse I chose for myself, but it felt good to have my own card – even if it wasn’t really my name.

Had I been given the opportunity to change my name When I was a young teenager, I would have loved to do so. But I wouldn’t now, even if I could.

How about you? If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

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