Find a Blogging Buddy – #31DBBBDay15

Blogging can be a solitary occupation. But it’s no fun if you’re trying to do it ALL alone. Having a blogging buddy, or a group of blogging friends can make it easier in so many ways.


You can learn a lot from other bloggers, even if they are not in your particular niche.

If you’re a new blogger, this will be especially helpful. But even if you’ve been blogging for a long time, reading others’ posts and gleaning bits of knowledge in areas you’ve not had time to explore so deeply, will help you create a greater impact on your own readers.

You can find new ideas for your own blog posts by reading others’ posts.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas. Having a group of blogging buddies will give you a pool of ideas — or will give you links for more places to look.


Working closely with another blogger or a small group of bloggers gives you:

– inspiration and motivation
– collaboration opportunities
– the ability to brainstorm for content ideas
– the ability to share links
– the opportunity to write guest content
– the chance to swap skills

Promoting one another’s blog posts invites more readers. Your readers will go to the other bloggers’ sites, and theirs will come to yours.


As a new blogger, you may not know any other bloggers. Your first step is to find a few, and get to know them through their blogs. Don’t be too shy to comment on other blogs, or email another blogger.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may want to join a forum, or find a community group on Facebook or LinkedIn. This may be a local group, or a group of bloggers who blog in a niche similar to yours.


My first blog, started in December 2003, was a personal blog for keeping my faraway family and friends up to date on life in our busy household. No one was talking about blogging groups back then, but I did have my group of homeschooling mom friends. We would regularly visit one another’s blogs and comment.

I started blogging for business in October 2009, not long after, found my first blogging tribe. This was a group of bloggers committed to commenting and sharing each other’s blogs on social media. Each week we’d find our name in a small group within the large group, and we’d share within the small group before branching out into the rest of the group. The more bloggers I interacted with, the more would come to my blog and interact with me. It was a win-win situation.

Some of the blogging tribes I was with have moved on to a new format — blogging groups on social media. This is less structured, and avoids the danger of having only the same people commenting on your blog week after week. You WANT those loyal commenters, but you also want a variety of new readers coming all the time.

Again, with blogging groups, the more I interact, the more people will want to come to my blog as well. And if you let things slide… you see what I’m seeing on my blog right now — not a lot of visitors! I’ve been occupied in other areas for the past couple of months, so my blog is a little lonely.

It’s just more proof that we NEED blogging buddies!


from Darren Rowse

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