Email a Blog Reader – #31DBBBDay5

email a blog reader and make a friendHow did Darren Rowse get to be so huge in the blogging world? He shares one of his secrets in today’s blogging challenge post.

Email one of your blog’s readers.

In his early days of blogging, Darren established three habits when someone commented on one of his blog posts.


1) Respond to the comment.
2) Email the person thanking him for reading and commenting, including a simple link back to the post so he knows who you are.
3) Make it personal, referencing something he said, which shows it’s not a form email, but is really you.

Along with Darren Rowse’s three habits, I would add a few more when people comment on your blog.

4) Comment on their blogs.
5) Friend them, follow them.
6) Share their content on social media.

Something I have found very helpful is to join a blogging group, where we commit to commenting on one another’s blogs on a regular basis. My two favourites are Biz Blogging Buzz and PAC Blogging Challenge.

You’ll meet some of bloggers there, who blog in niches quite different from your own. But they are real people, and when you interact with them, it may surprise you how many new friends you make.

Blogging is all about relationships. Whether you simply want to encourage your readers to keep coming back, or you want to know how to convert your casual readers into raving fans, this video will give you some great ideas.

Have fun! And let me know what you think!

© Willena Flewelling


  1. This is some excellent advice Willena!

    And all three suggestions are extremely easy to follow!

    And BTW, I just finished watching the excellent presentation by Pat Flynn!

    I was pretty awesome and I took lots of notes! As a result Pat’ excellent
    presentation, I will definitely start studying over at his blog!Thanks!

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