Eat Move Sleep

Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath

Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath

A few days ago, I finished reading an amazing book. I’d been hearing of Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath, for some time and thought I might like to read it. You know… someday. There are so many great sounding books out there. How does one choose? I can’t even remember now, who said what about the book, but this time it caught my attention and I got it from the library.

Wow! I’m a little overwhelmed and lot impressed. It’s gone back to the library now, but I’m getting it again. This time Ian is going to read it and we’re going to work together on a plan of action that works for us.

The layout of the book is simple, eye-catching, and designed for ease in taking action.

30 CHAPTERS, one for each day of the month.
3 SECTIONS per chapter, one for each of the areas in the title — Eat, Move, Sleep.
3 ACTION STEPS at the end of the chapter.

No one could possibly take every action step he suggests. But most of the poor health and circumstances we are living with today, are a result of poor choices we’ve been making all along. It’s time to reverse that.

Every meal matters. Every bite builds us up or tears us down. Every positive step moves us in the right direction. Every hour of quality sleep counts.

“The vast majority of human disease and illness is preventable. There are hundreds of specific, proven actions we can take to increase our odds of living longer and stronger. What matters most are the small decisions we make each day, ones that give us more energy in the moment and also prevent illness in the future.” – Tom Rath

EAT MOVE SLEEP. Small Choices. Big Changes.

I’m taking action. How about you?

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  1. Hi Willena.

    I haven’t heard about this book, but it sounds fascinating. And the way its laid out definitely sounds like it would be easy to make the suggestions fit into a lifestyle “action plan” so to speak. Is it holistic health focussed?

    Also, I very much agree with the quote you’ve included by Tom Rath. I really do think that each action and step we take contributes to how well we are — on all levels — spiritual, emotional, and physical. But I also think that there are other things that play into our health and wellness as well, some of which we may not always have complete control over (e.g., environmental toxins, pollution, viruses, accidents, etc.).

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  2. Yes, it is holistic in its focus. Over and over he shows how it isn’t enough to get one area of your life shipshape, but it takes all three for everything to work smoothly.

    I agree, we don’t have complete control. But every little bit helps, and if we keep doing it, it all adds up and multiplies. Kind of like the Slight Edge principle in the book by Jeff Olson.
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