Dig Into Your Blog Statistics – #31DBBBDay30

This exercise will be more helpful as your blog grows, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to understand what’s happening behind the scenes on your blog. It will show you patterns of what’s working, and what isn’t, and how readers are using your blog.

If you love statistics, you will love this exercise. And if you’re like me, and statistics baffle you, you will appreciate Darren Rowse for his ability to take apart the complex, and explain it in simple terms.


As you dig into your blog statistics, ask yourself these 9 questions:

1. What posts might you want to reshare on social media at some point?
Posts that did well when shared once before, may do well again.

2. What types of posts get shared the most?
Stories? Cheat sheets? Infographics? Videos?

3. What topics are hot?
Unless you deal in trendy topics, what has done well in the past will likely do well now.

4. What headlines did well?
Look for key words you might want to use again.

5. What posts could you extend?
Are there posts you could expand into series?

6. What posts could be optimised?
This refers to both search or social traffic.

7. What posts that I expected to go well, did not do very well?
Perhaps these can be reposted with a better headline, or at a better time.

8. What older posts that need updating are still getting traffic?
Make sure these are fully updated, with content that does not go stale.

9. What posts are generating a lot of extra page views?
The deeper a reader goes into your blog the better. Posts that lead your readers deeper might be added to your sidebar, or be included as “further reading” on other posts. You might also want to share these posts more often on social media.



I have barely scratched the surface of the wealth of information in this lesson. For a much more detailed explanation, see the podcast and lesson by Darren on ProBlogger.

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