Develop a Plan to Promote Your Blog and Grow Your Readership – #31DBBBDay29

To get the full benefit of this blog post, and so much more information, go to the podcast and lesson by Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.

Spend some time on this exercise. The more specific and detailed you are, the clearer picture you will have of who your audience is, where to find those you want to address, and how best to spend your time promoting your blog.


1. How Much Time Do You Have?

How much time can you spend promoting your blog? This is in addition to time spent writing blog posts and interacting with readers you already have. It won’t do any good to get your name and link out there if you’re not continuing to build your blog itself, and build relationships with your existing readers.

2. Who is Your Desired Reader?

Build a profile for the person you are writing for. Include any details that will help you form a clear picture. This might include age, gender, and even location. What are their needs, problems, and fears? Who are they, really, and how can they be helped by what you have to offer?

3. Where are Your Potential Readers Gathering?

Brainstorm areas where they would likely be found hanging out. Where is their attention focused, both online and offline? List as many different ones as you can think of, but limit each one to the top 3.

– top 3 blogs they would read
– top 3 forums they would visit
– top 3 conferences they would attend
– top 3 books they would read
– top 3 podcasts
– top 3 social networks they would participate in
– top 3 FB pages
– top 3 Tw accounts
– top 3 Pinterest accounts

4. What Opportunites are There for You to Build a Presence?

What goals can you set to meet these people?
How can you make connections and build your network?
How can you be a genuine participant on the site, and add value?
How can you become a key member, and get on the radar of the key influencers of the site?

Again, be as specific and detailed as possible, as you build a list of potential ways to promote your blog.

Some suggestions from ProBlogger:

– guest posting
– asking questions that spark posts
– answering questions
– submit tips or news
– leaving super-useful comments
– profile pages
– signatures
– advertising
– volunteering to help
– moderating a forum
– speaking at the event
– appearing at the event

5. What is Your Strategy?

Prioritize the list you just made.

Which of these sites will you spend time on?
Which one will you do first?
How much time will spend there?
What times of the week are best to be active on this site?
What actions will I take on this site?
What are my main goals?
What do I need to do first before I can reach those goals?

6. What Needs to Change?

Analyze your current activity.

What sites do you spend time on already?
Do these sites actually help to build your profile, or could you more effectively use your time elsewhere?
Are you being effective with the time you spend on these sites?
Are they worthwhile?
Where are you wasting time?
What will you give up, in order to be more focused and strategic in promoting your blog?


I’d love to hear how you are promoting your blog. Which of these have you already done, and what kind of results have you had?

Willena Flewelling

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