Conduct a Policy Review – #31DBBBDay21

copyrightThis will depend on what type of blog you have, the size of your blog, and whether you have guests posting on your blog. But you need to have these policies in place, whether you post them publicly on your blog, or keep them private for the time being.

In today’s podcast, Conduct a Policy Review, Darren Rowse mentions specific areas where ever blogger needs policies, and some questions to ask regarding each of them.


1. Copyright policy
For blog posts, comments, guest posts, image and other media use, options for reuse of your content by others, etc.

2. Comments policy
What kind of comments will you accept, and what kind will you delete?
Will you allow swearing, personal remarks, personal attacks?
Will yo close commetns on a post after a certain time period?

3. Content acceptance policy
What type of content will you allow guests to post on your blog?
Will you have a word count limit for guest bloggers?

4. Email management policy
How will you determine which contacts warrant a reply?
When and how will you respond to them?

5. Personal privacy policy
Set boundaries of how much of your private life you will share online.

6. Advertising and promotions policy
If you promote others’ products via advertising, affiliate marketing, reviews, etc., determine what types of products you will promote.


1. Does it reflect my current philosopy on the topic?
Keep your policies updated.

2. Does it embody industry standards and best practices?
Review your policies periodically to make sure they are current.

3. Will it help me achieve the goals I’ve set for my blog?
Evolving goals may mean your current policies need to be tweaked.

4. Is it useful and usable?
Keep them clear and concise.

5. Can the people it affects access it?
Can advertisers access your advertising policy?
Can guest bloggers access your copyright policy?

There is much to consider in this post — for me, and I’m sure, for many of my readers. If you’ve found value in it, please share via the social media buttons. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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