Update a Key Page on Your Blog – #31DBBBDay14

Even if your blog is relatively new, but especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have broken links, or material that is dated or factually incorrect. It is important to check all of your pages and posts regularly, but today I will focus on three… [Read more…]

How a Trip to the Mall Will Improve Your Blog – #31DBBBDay13

Today’s challenge is a little different, and will get you away from your computer and out into the “real” world. It will certainly be easier for some than for others. Easy if you live in a city or large town… not so easy for some of us who live out in the country, and go to town once a week — and it isn’t to go shopping!

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re in a different environment. So… [Read more…]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar – #31DBBBDay12


Planning ahead with an editorial calendar will:

– take the pressure off idea generation
– help you create momentum
– give your blog cohesiveness rather than random bits of content

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Brainstorming to Come Up with Post Ideas – #31DBBBDay11

If you have already set aside a time to write on a regular basis, you’re ‘way ahead of the average blogger. But don’t wait till you sit down to blog, to decide what you’re going to write. Even if you are the spontaneous type who can do that, you’ll still find that brainstorming ahead of time will ease the pressure to produce something NOW.

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How to Find a Steady Flow of Ideas for Blog Posts – #31DBBBDay10

Are you feeling dry and burnt out? Do you struggle to find things to write about?

Do you wonder how so many big name bloggers manage to keep putting out great content on a regular basis?

Here’s a tip:

“What you put in is what you put out.”

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How Find Readers for Your Blog – #31DBBBDay9

Whether you are starting up a brand new blog, changing the focus of your blog, or wanting to grow your existing blog, you will want more readers. But how do you find readers?


1) Who are you trying to reach?
2) Where are they gathering already?
3) How can I participate in those places? [Read more…]

Time for a Social Media Audit – #31DBBBDay8

Social mediaIf you’re like me, you are on multiple social media platforms, but you’re not using them all to the best advantage for your business or personal brand.

Which Social Media Sites?

Which social media sites are you using? Are they the best ones for your site? Or are you focusing a lot of time and energy on several that aren’t getting you anywhere? Do you have a plan for building your personal brand, or are you drifting aimlessly, posting at random? [Read more…]

Writer’s Block – #31DBBBDay7

Writer's BlockDoes Writer’s Block Exist?

If there’s no such thing as writer’s block, then why do so many published authors admit to facing it in their own writing life? Why would there be such an article as Famous Writers on Overcoming Writer’s Block? [Read more…]

How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly – #31DBBBDay6

Tablet device with tweet bubble. Vector

If you are much involved in blogging, you already know how important it is that a blog be mobile-friendly. At least half of all readers of blogs arrive by way of their phone or tablet — and that number is growing. I don’t have a cell phone, and I use my tablet mostly as a kindle reader. Here in my cozy home, at my desktop computer, it’s easy to forget how the rest of the world lives. [Read more…]

Email a Blog Reader – #31DBBBDay5

email a blog reader and make a friendHow did Darren Rowse get to be so huge in the blogging world? He shares one of his secrets in today’s blogging challenge post.

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