Groundhog Day

If we even had such a thing as a groundhog around here, I don’t think he would have ventured out of his den today! With steady snowfall and a temperature of -15C (a tad above 0F), he’d be smart to stay in hiding!

Here in north/central Alberta, Groundhog Day doesn’t mean a lot. Whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, winter isn’t over till late in April. [Read more…]

The Lego Story

Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958)

Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958)

Everyone loves Lego!

Even I think Lego is pretty cool — and I am the only one in our family of nine who has never played with them.

We started off with several large buckets of them, when James was little, and built on our collection as the years passed and more children came along. It was nothing to see all the kids and their dad sitting around a Lego-laden blanket in the middle of the living room floor. [Read more…]

The Little Frog

Who are you listening to?

[Read more…]


forest fireForest fires are a normal part of life for Canadians living anywhere near a forest. May has often been the worst month for us. Several years ago, half the town of Slave Lake burned down. [Read more…]

The Daffodil Principle

Yellow Daffodil FlowersThis has been around for a while, but it never gets old.

It fits right in with another priceless principle I hear about a lot — The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. Little things done consistently, day after day, have a far greater result than we would ever expect when we set out. [Read more…]

Backwards Brain Bicycle

I bet you don’t know how to ride a bike. That was the title on a blog post written not long ago by my friend William OToole. I was curious, because, like most of us, I’ve been riding a bike since I as a small child. [Read more…]

Eat Move Sleep

Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath

Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath

A few days ago, I finished reading an amazing book. I’d been hearing of Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath, for some time and thought I might like to read it. You know… someday. There are so many great sounding books out there. How does one choose? I can’t even remember now, who said what about the book, but this time it caught my attention and I got it from the library. [Read more…]

Knitting? or Crocheting?

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Knitting and crocheting are like cats and dogs, or hamsters and gerbils. We think of them together because they are so much alike, yet they are as different as they are alike. [Read more…]

Groundhog Day or Karen Killilea – Which Will it Be?

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Morning after morning he wakes up to live the same day over and over again, until he gets it right. Day after day he lives in utter frustration until finally one morning he wakes up to a brand new day.

“Karen” is the biography of Karen Killilea, who was born with cerebral palsy, and was fiercely independent even as a young child. She would spend an hour and a half in the mornings putting on her socks and shoes by herself, rather than depend on her mother to do it for her. [Read more…]