Little Robbie’s Big Day

rabbit3It was a beautiful October day in Rabbit Hollow. The afternoon sun shone brightly in a cloudless blue sky. The trees were brilliant red, gold, and orange.

Harvesting was done. The storerooms overflowed with carrots, turnips and cabbages. The village was alive with excitement and delicious smells as all the rabbit families prepared for the big day tomorrow — Fall Harvest Festival. [Read more…]

The Ring

The RingKatie Higgins sat on her bed, chin resting in her hands. Her eighteen-month-old brother, David, played quietly at her feet, with three tiny plastic kittens.

What a waste of a perfectly fantastic day, she fumed inwardly, to have to spend it cleaning my room. [Read more…]

The Broken Airplane

sad_boy_leaningDerek was in trouble. He had dropped his big brother’s model airplane and it smashed into a dozen pieces.

“He’s gonna kill me!” Derek said to his friend Bobby. He was hiding in Bobby’s tree fort, trying to figure out what he was going to do next.

“That’s it!” he said with a snap of his fingers. “I’ll run away!” [Read more…]

Birthday Boy

Chocolate CakeThe BIG Little Birthday Boy

It was Teddy’s birthday and he was busy building a fort. The leather belt around his small waist was stuffed with plastic hammer, saw and drill, and he was barking orders at his little brother Kevin. [Read more…]

The Puppy Cup

– originally published by me on FaithWriters.

“Cammie, get out of Daddy’s chair!”

“In your dreams! I was sitting here first! Now be quiet. I’m trying to watch Princess Bella!”

“It’s my turn and I wanna watch Super Bunny!” The little boy tried to wrest the television remote from her grip.

“Well go sit on the couch! You sat here the other night when Grandpa was here. You even got to sit on his knee!” [Read more…]

Time for a Little Talk

~ Fiction based firmly in fact…

The tree stood proudly in the corner, tiny lights casting a twinkly glow on glossy balls and finely detailed wooden decorations. The popcorn and cranberry strands had, despite the presence of half a dozen small children, miraculously remained intact. Donna’s swift glance took in the gifts under the tree, the music waiting on the piano, the couch, TV and bookshelves free of toys and books, the extra dining table set up in the middle of the room with another smaller one beside it for little people. Five-month-old Mikey was asleep in his baby seat at the end of the couch. Her husband, Jeff, was down in the basement, looking for more chairs.

“Mommy! Daddy! They’re here!” The chorus of excited voices came from the top of the stairs. [Read more…]

Those Cherry Red Lipstick Hearts

friendsPeople ask what it’s like to have a niece who’s older than me. I just shrug. I mean, most of the time I don’t think about it. Sometimes Kerri’ll try bossing me around cuz she’s older. I hate that, cuz it doesn’t work if I remind her that I’m the aunt and she’s the niece. Makes it kinda hard to command respect. I mean, how do you get your niece to call you Auntie Emily when she’s older than you and three inches taller? Yeah, I’m younger and small for my age. Ugh. Double whammy. [Read more…]

Taming of a Shrew

sisters fightingTanya was cleaning her room. Lisa was staying out of her way because Tanya was angry.

“Lisa, you get in here, you little—”

Lisa sidled back into the room.

“What is THIS?!!” Tanya demanded, holding up a rumpled, soiled garment by the very tip of the corner, between her thumb and fingertip. [Read more…]

Life’s Illusions

“Mommy, I want lots and lots of that!” Becky said eagerly as she gazed longingly at the glass bowl in the centre of the table.

“I don’t know…” said her mother doubtfully, “you’ve never tasted this before. You might not like it.” [Read more…]

Just Havin’ Fun

not having fun

not having fun

“It’s so good to be here!” Anne snuggled down in the soft brown chair and smiled at her sister.

“Hard to believe it’s been five years!” Susan agreed. “I was afraid this would happen when you moved west.” [Read more…]