A Wild Walk

Teena & Snook

Teena & Snook

This happened 11 years ago, when moose sightings were rare. We see them often now. Teena and Snook were our dogs, who somehow managed to escape from the house whenever they thought I was going for a walk. Both dogs are gone now, but we have fond memories of their years with us. Like this one… [Read more…]

A Bit of Light Fun

candle (1)On a summer’s night five years ago…

The power went tonight. Now that we’re midway between summer solstice and fall, it’s getting dark considerably sooner at night. And with the heavy cloud cover, it was pretty dark when the lights went out at around 10:30pm. Given the night owl nature of my family, plus the fact that Ian wasn’t home yet, it’s no surprise that the boys came upstairs instead of just going to bed. [Read more…]

An Awesome Discovery

PrintThis is the story of an amazing day, spent a couple of miles north of home, at a neighbourhood potluck at Don and Irene’s farm. It happened 5 years ago. Don and Irene moved to town shortly after that, and Don has since passed away. I wish we could have taken pictures of them and their wonderful works of art.

Written in July 2010… [Read more…]


Timothy (10)

Timothy (10)

Timothy is our “words” guy.

He’s always loved words, the way they sound, and the way they fit together. He won the family summer reading contest when he was around 12. [Read more…]


our front yard on July 3, 2014

our front yard on July 3, 2014

I couldn’t sleep last night because of the heat, and got up to write in my journal. To my surprise, I discovered I had the same thing, for the same reason, one year ago today. [Read more…]

Birds of My Acquaintance

American avocet

American avocet

Written in late spring, about 10 years ago. My, how I would love to see an American avocet again!

Birds of My Acquaintance

The other day I rode my bike three miles north, taking me through my favourite stretch of road downhill through the woods. [Read more…]

Razzle Dazzle Rose

a name tag made by a friend years ago

a name tag made by a friend years ago

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, if you’re the only one you know with that name. The only “Willena” I knew when I was growing up was my mother. I never saw my name in print, never knew a character with that name on TV, and no one ever wrote a song about me. So when I was 9 years old and heard the song, “Ramblin’ Rose”, by Nat King Cole, I was dumbfounded. I could not believe I was hearing a song with my name in it! [Read more…]

What Happened at Rockwood

Old Woman to Cool Dudette

heron“Willena! Are you just gonna stand there all day or what?” At fourteen, my baby sister already towered over me by several inches.

“Shhhhh! Look up in the pine tree just ahead… it’s a scarlet tanager!”

Laura’s glance followed my finger. “What are you talking about? I can’t see anything!” She flounced ahead of me on the rocky woodland path. [Read more…]

A Big Day

Willena & Jim - December 1955

Willena & Jim – December 1955

June 20, 2015…

It’s been an emotional day of spending time with my husband’s family, and also thinking of my own family.

4000 km away, in Barrie ON, my brother celebrated his 60th birthday.

I’ve told the story before of how I was the firstborn, and born on Mother’s Day. Jim, the first son, was born two years later, on Father’s Day!



[Read more…]

Blast from the Past



First, something written by an author unknown to me. Even this is outdated, because I found it several years ago… [Read more…]