Call Your Readers to Action – #31DBBBDay23

Some of us like to write, but we don’t invite our readers to interact with us, or to respond in any way. Maybe we forget there are real people reading our posts — or maybe it just doesn’t come naturally to ask our readers to do something.

Don’t just tack something onto the end of your post. Know ahead of time what you are going to ask, and keep it in mind as you craft your post. This will also keep it in line with your brand, or the type of things you post about.



This depends on what type of blog you have, and what your purpose is. And remember, a call to action doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Following are some suggestions Darren Rowse makes in today’s podcast, along with a few of my own.

Ask your readers to:
– comment on your post
– share on social media
– implement an idea you’ve written about
– do something you’ve taught them to do
– download a free item
– buy an affiliate product
– buy a product you’ve developed
– vote in a poll
– make a donation to a charity
– vote for you on a social bookmarking site
– visit another site
– hire you for a service you offer
– read another post you’ve written on your blog or on another site
– visit your business site
– subscribe to your blog
– like your Facebook page

But don’t just say, “Subscribe now!” or “Like my Facebook page!” Whatever you ask your readers to do, make it creative and maybe even fun. Tell them why they should do it, and how they will benefit.

For ideas on how to be creative, take a look at some of your favourite blogs to see how others are doing it. Or think of something you’ve done in the past that got lots of response.



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Is there something you do on your blog that gets a good response from your readers? Why not share them in the comments below — you may help another blogger who is struggling in this area.

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