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I bet you don’t know how to ride a bike. That was the title on a blog post written not long ago by my friend William OToole. I was curious, because, like most of us, I’ve been riding a bike since I as a small child.

After watching this video I have agree with William. I bet you don’t know how to ride a bike!

Absolutely amazing! That was my reaction when I watched it.

It reminds me of a Moody Science film I watched many years ago, about a guy who was fitted with lenses that turned everything he saw, upside down. He wore the special headgear all of his waking hours. After 3 weeks, things turned right side up again while he was wearing it. Then, after he took it off and depended on his eyes again, everything looked upside down! It took some time before his world righted itself again without the lenses.

This is proof that we don’t all see things alike — and we can’t always trust our senses!

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  1. Thank you for the ping back and mention. I appreciate it. Life is sometimes not how we imagine sometimes we need to see things from a different perspective or angle to really understand.
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  2. I love this video! We saw a guy with this type of bike in London when we visited last August.

  3. We have these bikes all over Boston. People are able to rent them at various parts of our Capital. Great article and one to learn from. We are visual people and love to take action while excitement is fresh. Love it! Nice to see you writing so well.

  4. Hi Willena,

    Wow! What a great video and yes it definitely shows how we all see and perceive things differently.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  5. I saw this video earlier and it is fantastic. We definitely shouldn’t believe our senses are 100% accurate. But we really have to trust them to get through the day. If we are smart we know when to question what our senses tell us (it is harder than you think).

    The bicycle experiment also ties to how amazing our unconscious mind it. What we do everyday is hugely (likely primarily) a matter, not of what we chose, but what we just do. I think most people would say they are riding the bike because they decide to pedal and steer and lean… But that bike shows that much of what is going on is really you making basic choices and your body taking care of a whole lot more without your direction than you think. It is amazing.

    And we come up with all sorts of explanations which are often wrong. There was a bunch of research into sports showing what athletes would explain about what they did wasn’t really accurate. So if they are explaining what you need to do to hit the tennis ball better it wasn’t really what they were doing, but what they came up with as an explanation. Even though they were exceptional players they didn’t really know what they were doing. I think this phenomenon is much more common than we think.
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    • I think it’s a good thing we do things without thinking. Just imagine if you had to think of every tiny movement when you get dressed in the morning, or drive your car, or even just walk down the street! But it’s also good to remember that the things we do automatically aren’t always what we think they are, and we can always learn something new — or re-learn an old skill so we’re doing it better.
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