Ask a Question – #31DBBBDay25

Why Ask Questions?

Asking questions encourages your readers to participate, and fosters a feeling of belonging to a community. People are more likely to keep coming back to your blog if they’ve contributed. Asking questions also helps you get to know your readers.

Having comments on your blog is good social proof. It may also generate incoming links to your blog, especially if you encourage your readers to answer the question on their own blog.

Tips for Asking Questions

Keep your questions relevant to your blog’s topic.
Ask questions that follow up or build on a previous post you’ve written.
Ask questions that are easy to answer.
Ask questions your readers will want to know the answers to
Suggest possible answers to your readers.
Generate some debate by asking an either/or question.
(Would you do this, or would you do that?)
Use a poll. Some readers like the anonymity, especially if they haven’t really commented on your blog before.
Ask a controversial question.
Be willing to share your own answer, in the comments or as a follow-up post.
Ask questions that encourage your readers to share their experiences, rather than just what they think about a topic.
Follow up with a summary of the best of your readers’ answers, in a later post.

Examples of Questions

Here are some questions Darren Rowse has used in his Digital Photography School blog, which will hopefully give you some ideas for questions you could ask on your own blog.

Which digital camera manufacturer is best?
Win a prize by telling us about your digital camera.
What digital camera do you use?
What shooting mode do you shoot in most of the time?
How would you photograph a funeral?
How would you photograph your grandmother, who is in palliative care?
Share a link to your best photo ever.

How Often Should You Ask Your Readers a Question?

It’s probably not something you’d want to do in every blog post, but it is a good idea to do it on a regular basis. Just how often is up to you.

And So, I Ask You…

How often do you ask your readers questions on your blog? Do you find it helps to increase participation in the comments?

Willena Flewelling

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