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candle (1)On a summer’s night five years ago…

The power went tonight. Now that we’re midway between summer solstice and fall, it’s getting dark considerably sooner at night. And with the heavy cloud cover, it was pretty dark when the lights went out at around 10:30pm. Given the night owl nature of my family, plus the fact that Ian wasn’t home yet, it’s no surprise that the boys came upstairs instead of just going to bed. Despite the fantastic light display to the east, they were soon complaining of boredom. Not for long, though…

“Mom, should I light some candles?” Timothy asked. He and Andrew both had their flashlights on, but those wouldn’t last long. Out came the candles, and then the fun began.

At first it was just quiet warmth, for me at least. Two candles in the kitchen, one in the bathroom… and seven softly lighting the living room as we all sat or lay around on the couches. And I thought, isn’t this the perfect illustration of living in the present moment? I mean, what else can you do when everything else is taken away… even reading a book, as Timothy mournfully pointed out.

How long are two teenagers and an 11-year-old going to sit around and do nothing? Not long…

There are two events that justify “playing with fire” in our household. Birthdays… and power outages.

On birthdays, the family custom is for everyone to have a turn blowing out the candles. Ian loves to light a wooden match and see how many candles he light before risking burning his fingers. It wasn’t long before the kids, one by one, were doing the same thing under his supervision.

As for power outages, they happen often enough, but usually it’s just a few brief blips and then the power is back on again. But when it’s off for a couple of hours, especially at night, it’s Party Time!!!

Tonight the boys had double the fun, because they found some disposable cigarette lighters up in the cupboard above the fridge, along with the matches. I didn’t even know they were there, but apparently Irene bought them one time in case we needed them during a storm.

So there’s Timothy on one side of the table, and Andrew on the other, each with a lighter held to the candle burning in the middle, seeing how high they could make the combined flame go!

Or Andrew, dropping a wooden match on the candle, where it rested at the base of the flame, alight at both ends, causing three flames.

Or Andrew, laying one, two, or three squares of bathroom tissue on a metal plate, lighting them with a lighter, and watching the fascinating display… which, I admit, was a feast for the eyes for me… I am fascinated by flames licking and consuming paper of any form. Sometimes I really wish we had a video camera…

Or Timothy, coming in from the deck holding a squat, thick glass candle holder which was flaming furiously and apparently endlessly because he had put a wadded up square of tissue on top of the candle, and the wax kept coming up around it, and burning continuously. “How do I get it to stop???” “Blow on it, silly.” He did. And Andrew did. And it kept burning brightly. They eventually got it out, but the top half inch of the candle holder is quite blackened!

Ian got home half an hour after the power went out. He’d been at the girls’ place working on Vicki’s computer. The outage wasn’t just in our general area… we are powered by Westlock, even though it’s 20 minutes away. Most of Westlock was also in blackness, which cut short Ian’s efforts. That is where the storm was centred, and he drove home in a severe downpour. It lightened up about three miles from home, and by the time he got home, there was no rain at all. Indeed, we got no rain the whole time the power was out.

For most of the two hours, I was lying down. I had a headache and my head felt heavy and strange all day… I’d had a two hour nap from 6-8pm… and I was still feeling lethargic and dopey. I enjoyed watching the boys… from the couch.

Tonight was such a perfect example, not only of living in the present moment, but of turning a bad situation around and making a fun time out of it. Maybe even a profitable time, because it’s a controlled environment in which to learn about fire and its properties.

It made me think of another night a few years ago… which I will share in a separate post. It’s something I wrote about at the time, and posted on my blog-which-no-longer-exists. I think it will evoke some laughs…

© Willena Flewelling


  1. Nice story Willena!

    Just glad it didn’t end the way you hear some stories of
    people amusing themselves with fire often does!LOL!

    and power outages, no matter how long they last, are never
    fun are they?
    Mark recently posted…How And Why Some Really Great Lead Generation Possibilities Might Be One Doctor Visit Away!!My Profile

  2. Hey when the power company gives you limes, make tequila! I love this line: “There are two events that justify “playing with fire” in our household. Birthdays… and power outages.”

    I laughed out loud on that one.
    Bill Davis recently posted…Six Productivity Tips That Will Make You More Productive Online – Internet Marketing MuscleMy Profile

  3. Hi Willena,

    Sometimes power outages can be annoying, but we can always turn it around and make it fun! I enjoyed the story you had shared, too bad you had a headache!
    Donna Merrill recently posted…The 20 Percent SolutionMy Profile

  4. What a touching story Willena!

    You wrote so magnificently that I felt I was right there with you watching the boys antics. That’s what good writing is all about.


    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted…Starry Starry NightMy Profile

  5. Hi Willena,
    I agree power outages is not fun. Growing up in my old country that was something we had to deal with on daily basis. Now that would be a time for rest 🙂
    Emi recently posted…List BuildingMy Profile

  6. Hi Willena,

    What a great story. I found myself thinking about “Little House on the Prairie” and just as your family had to find something to keep them busy, I don’t think many of us would have the will to continue all of the time like they did back then. We have become spoiled by modern conveniences.

    I would cherish that time and definitely keep this post as one of your great pieces of writing.
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…Best Way To Hide Affiliate LinksMy Profile

  7. This is great and I do not know about kids playing with fire? That is a frightening thing here in Boston. Most end up with being homeless and tragedy. We are on a highway and rarely any effect. Yet, neighborhoods around us, all the time. All ended well and may they find some mind games vs fire in the future. Story telling and history of family roots. Option are limitless. We read stories in time of blackouts. Not loosing electricity yet city workers placing more fiber optics underground. Then, 5-6 hours out in blackout happen twice this year so far. Bible has unlimited stories which never grow old to see various perceptions on the same stories.

    How did you keep the food from spoiling is what I would love to know?
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…“Free Will, To Be Creative”My Profile

    • I don’t know what we would do if the power ever went out for several days. In the winter, I’d be more concerned about keeping warm than food spoiling, because we could always put the food out in the garage, but we don’t have a fireplace, so we’re totally dependent on our furnace for heat. But our power is seldom out for more than a few hours, which isn’t long enough for the food in the fridge or freezer to spoil.
      Willena Flewelling recently posted…Be StillMy Profile

  8. Great story writing, I like the way you set out your story. Your creativity with your family is wonderful, many would be just complaining the whole time. Thanks for sharing.
    Siphosith recently posted…The Best Affiliate Marketing Tips You Are Not UsingMy Profile

  9. Hi Willena,

    Great story! I’m happy that you found time to enjoy the family during a black out.

    Take care,
    Lillian De Jesus recently posted…Building Trust with Visual Content Marketing in 3 Simple WaysMy Profile

  10. Hi Willena,
    it is a heart touching story,Your creativity with your family is wonderful i really enjoyed while reading thanks for thi lovely article.
    bukge recently posted…Mi Pad Full Review Pros and ConsMy Profile

  11. Here in India Power cut is common ,But our PM Namo changed every thing and we miss those Power cut ,But we hate same in WINTERS.

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