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Find a Blogging Buddy – #31DBBBDay15

Blogging can be a solitary occupation. But it’s no fun if you’re trying to do it ALL alone. Having a blogging buddy, or a group of blogging friends can make it easier in so many ways.


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Update a Key Page on Your Blog – #31DBBBDay14

Even if your blog is relatively new, but especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have broken links, or material that is dated or factually incorrect. It is important to check all of your pages and posts regularly, but today I will focus on three… [Read more…]

How a Trip to the Mall Will Improve Your Blog – #31DBBBDay13

Today’s challenge is a little different, and will get you away from your computer and out into the “real” world. It will certainly be easier for some than for others. Easy if you live in a city or large town… not so easy for some of us who live out in the country, and go to town once a week — and it isn’t to go shopping!

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re in a different environment. So… [Read more…]