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How to Create an Editorial Calendar – #31DBBBDay12


Planning ahead with an editorial calendar will:

– take the pressure off idea generation
– help you create momentum
– give your blog cohesiveness rather than random bits of content

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Brainstorming to Come Up with Post Ideas – #31DBBBDay11

If you have already set aside a time to write on a regular basis, you’re ‘way ahead of the average blogger. But don’t wait till you sit down to blog, to decide what you’re going to write. Even if you are the spontaneous type who can do that, you’ll still find that brainstorming ahead of time will ease the pressure to produce something NOW.

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How to Find a Steady Flow of Ideas for Blog Posts – #31DBBBDay10

Are you feeling dry and burnt out? Do you struggle to find things to write about?

Do you wonder how so many big name bloggers manage to keep putting out great content on a regular basis?

Here’s a tip:

“What you put in is what you put out.”

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How Find Readers for Your Blog – #31DBBBDay9

Whether you are starting up a brand new blog, changing the focus of your blog, or wanting to grow your existing blog, you will want more readers. But how do you find readers?


1) Who are you trying to reach?
2) Where are they gathering already?
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