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How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly – #31DBBBDay6

Tablet device with tweet bubble. Vector

If you are much involved in blogging, you already know how important it is that a blog be mobile-friendly. At least half of all readers of blogs arrive by way of their phone or tablet — and that number is growing. I don’t have a cell phone, and I use my tablet mostly as a kindle reader. Here in my cozy home, at my desktop computer, it’s easy to forget how the rest of the world lives. [Read more…]

My Greatest Burden is My Greatest Blessing

b2_sun_14A valuable and rather surprising lesson I learned from my daughter Irene in the spring of 2004…

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Email a Blog Reader – #31DBBBDay5

email a blog reader and make a friendHow did Darren Rowse get to be so huge in the blogging world? He shares one of his secrets in today’s blogging challenge post.

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A Wild Walk

Teena & Snook

Teena & Snook

This happened 11 years ago, when moose sightings were rare. We see them often now. Teena and Snook were our dogs, who somehow managed to escape from the house whenever they thought I was going for a walk. Both dogs are gone now, but we have fond memories of their years with us. Like this one… [Read more…]

How Does Your Blog Measure Up? – #31DBBBDay4

looking thru magnifying glassThere’s always room for improvement. But HOW do you improve? The answer is found in today’s exercise. [Read more…]

A Bit of Light Fun

candle (1)On a summer’s night five years ago…

The power went tonight. Now that we’re midway between summer solstice and fall, it’s getting dark considerably sooner at night. And with the heavy cloud cover, it was pretty dark when the lights went out at around 10:30pm. Given the night owl nature of my family, plus the fact that Ian wasn’t home yet, it’s no surprise that the boys came upstairs instead of just going to bed. [Read more…]

Words by Wrose on Facebook – #31DBBBDay3

BLOG - 3d inscription with luminous line with sparkToday’s challenge is to do something to promote my blog so I can find more readers.

One of the things I chose as part of this challenge is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time — create a new Facebook page that reflects my new focus in life. [Read more…]