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Kindergarten Adventure

Willena Rose Cummins - Gr1I never had company as I walked to kindergarten. At five years old, I took the mile-long walk alone. I didn’t mind. I liked being alone. There was so much to do along the way. Kick a pebble ahead of me… admire the flowerbeds in the yards along the way… throwing pebbles in the creek… balancing on the curb pretending I was a tightrope walker… [Read more…]

A Baby for Mother’s Day

Last week, on the first of May, I shared a little of my family with you because that day was the anniversary of my Granny Cummins’ birth.

The truth is, the first half of the month of May has always been a special time in my family, especially for my mom and me. May 10th is my birthday, and May 13th was my mom’s birthday. Since May 10, 1953 was Mother’s Day and I am the eldest in my family, I’ve always liked to say… [Read more…]

Music in My Heart

I’ve always wondered why Mrs. Smith chose to teach kindergarten as a profession. She never seemed to enjoy it.

Her favourite form of punishment for the smallest misdemeanor was to send a child to stand in the corner — behind the big upright piano. Her victim didn’t have to be a wayward kindergarten pupil. Sometimes it was an older kid, making faces at us through the window. Occasionally Mrs. Smith would forget she had sent someone there. One hapless 7th grade student was forgotten until noon when he timidly spoke up from behind the piano and asked to be allowed to go home for lunch. [Read more…]