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“What’s in the box, Mommy?”

kitten butterflyShe smiled mysteriously as she buckled her seatbelt. “You’ll see when we get home.” But she couldn’t hide the tell-tale sounds coming from inside the small cardboard box…

“What are their names, Mommy?”

“Honey and Ginger,” she said as two ginger fluff balls tumbled out of the box onto the kitchen floor and skittered beyond the reach of several eager pairs of hands. [Read more…]

Life’s Illusions

“Mommy, I want lots and lots of that!” Becky said eagerly as she gazed longingly at the glass bowl in the centre of the table.

“I don’t know…” said her mother doubtfully, “you’ve never tasted this before. You might not like it.” [Read more…]

Calico Cats and Chopper Birds

bakidwritingTrue homeschooling story about 9 years ago…

Nathaniel and I sat at the kitchen table doing our homeschooling for the day. I gave him the picture of a cat to colour. He said it was a calico cat. Okay… this could take a minute or two, depending on how detailed the markings would be. [Read more…]

Just Havin’ Fun

not having fun

not having fun

“It’s so good to be here!” Anne snuggled down in the soft brown chair and smiled at her sister.

“Hard to believe it’s been five years!” Susan agreed. “I was afraid this would happen when you moved west.” [Read more…]

When Your World Turns Upside Down

Written in 2012…

When your world turns upside down
And you don’t know what to do,
Try standing on your head, and
Watch the answers come to you!

A year ago, a lady came to see me about [Read more…]

Knitting? or Crocheting?

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Nathaniel showing off some of my handiwork

Knitting and crocheting are like cats and dogs, or hamsters and gerbils. We think of them together because they are so much alike, yet they are as different as they are alike. [Read more…]

Groundhog Day or Karen Killilea – Which Will it Be?

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Morning after morning he wakes up to live the same day over and over again, until he gets it right. Day after day he lives in utter frustration until finally one morning he wakes up to a brand new day.

“Karen” is the biography of Karen Killilea, who was born with cerebral palsy, and was fiercely independent even as a young child. She would spend an hour and a half in the mornings putting on her socks and shoes by herself, rather than depend on her mother to do it for her. [Read more…]


A glimpse into the life of a girl growing up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada….

My stepfather was the town garbage man, which meant an unpleasant stigma, and unkind teasing from the kids at school. But it also meant dented cans of soup or fruit, bags of perfectly wearable clothing, and even boxes of books, that Clifford would bring home from the garbage… Beautiful Joe, Uncle Titus in the Country, and a host of others that I treasured as I was growing up. They aren’t garbage men any more. Last I heard they were sanitary engineers and had to have a Grade 12 education before they were hired. And they aren’t allowed to bring anything home from the garbage. [Read more…]

It’s Never Too Late

Fiction firmly based on fact…

it's never too late“Mrs. Lansing?”

Penny started, and her dark eyes flew to Dr. Colby’s sober face. Her magazine slid to the floor, forgotten in her haste as she stood up.

“Is he-?”

“Kirk is resting quietly.”

Penny relaxed, and then tensed as she absorbed the import of his next words. [Read more…]

My Biggest Obstacle to Writing is…

Print…Me!! Ian says I like to play with my mental blocks. It’s a handy explanation for what I do every time someone suggests I do something I think I can’t do. Immediately my hackles are up and I have a list as long as my arm for why I can’t do it. [Read more…]