Bird in the House

Missy (1)When you love cats, as I do, you’re bound to have at least two. When you’re a cat magnet, as I am, you may end up with more than you bargained for. When you love cats AND birds, as I do, you’re bound to have a few bad moments.

We have FIVE cats (long story…) and they are all excellent hunters. I don’t mind their catching mice, shrew, moles, and even the occasional bat. But I draw the line at birds! [Read more…]

Thirty Years

Card to birthday, with balloonsToday, Seth Godin wrote an unusually long post called, Thirty years of projects.

Today, our oldest son, James, would have been thirty years old.

21 years ago, James welcomed his new baby brother, Timothy, home from the hospital. James said Timothy was his best birthday present ever.

5 years ago, James drove me to the river in his new truck. He had taken possession three days earlier, on Timothy’s birthday.

Today, if I’d had the strength, I would have made cheesecake in my big glass cake pan – cherry in one half, and blueberry in the other. [Read more…]


They say you can do anything with a computer these days, if you only know how. My husband, Ian, did something for me a few months ago, that I will treasure always. He took an old black & white photo of my dad taken around 1949, when he was 28… and a colour photo of me in 1980, when I was 27… and put them together as one photograph. He colourized Daddy and the background to make it look as if we belong together. Amateur that he is, I think he did a wonderful job.

This picture would be a treasure under any circumstances, I am sure, but it is a special treasure for me. You see, Daddy died of leukemia in August 1960, when he was not yet 39 and I was seven. Even though my mother married a good man a year after my father’s death, I missed my Daddy. I don’t know if anyone knew how much I missed him. My mom knew there was a reason for my reverting to my preschool habit of sucking my thumb again, and clinging to it tenaciously, resisting her every effort to help me to stop. But I wonder if she ever knew the extent of my imaginative play during the next year or two. [Read more…]

Daddy and Daughter Duet

If more daddies were like this one, the world would be a better place!

Ben Ames‘ 4-year-old daughter couldn’t sleep because she thought she kept hearing fireworks. So they sang to keep her mind preoccupied. But in the end, nothing competes with fireworks!

[Read more…]

NaNoWriMo, EdmoWriMo & PeptoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Participant 2013 m

It’s Year 9 for our family, with four of us participating —
Raewyn, Timothy, Nathaniel and me. NaNoWriMo. Nothing
describes the fun and excitement of this yearly challenge better
than what I wrote after our Kick-Off Party three years ago…



NaNoWriMo, EdmoWriMo & PeptoWriMo

And the Madness begins again! Actually, it began Monday morning at midnight. November Madness… the Madness that is NaNoWriMo! Consequently, this month you will either find me posting even less often than you have in the past month… or MORE, as I fight writer’s block by sharing some of what’s going on! Anything I write during November that could possibly, conceivably be used in my novel at some future date… i.e. anything related to it at all… can be used as word count. Participants are actually encouraged to write all manner of useless drivel, just to pad their word count. Why? [Read more…]

A Withered Hand

reach out your hand

The man with the withered hand had a problem. Jesus told him to stretch forth his hand. But he was not capable of stretching that hand because it was crippled. And yet the Lord told him to do it. How could he do it? There was inherent in the command the knowledge that he could do it in Christ. Until that moment he could not have done it. [Read more…]

Calico Cats and Chopper Birds

Nathaniel and I sat at the kitchen table doing our homeschooling for the day. I gave him the picture of a cat to colour. He said it was a calico cat. Okay… this could take a minute or two, depending on how detailed the markings would be. He carefully drew a brown circle around one eye with a small bar extending down the nose. And coloured it very carefully. Then he made a brown band around one front leg while telling me this story about how the leg had been put through a scanner and this whatever it was would help it heal. I rolled my eyes at his teenage sister, Vicki, and asked why I am blessed with such creative kids. Actually, I take that back. I’m glad my kids are creative!! [Read more…]

Music in My Heart

I’ve always wondered why Mrs. Smith chose to teach kindergarten as a profession. She never seemed to enjoy it.

Her favourite form of punishment for the smallest misdemeanor was to send a child to stand in the corner — behind the big upright piano. Her victim didn’t have to be a wayward kindergarten pupil. Sometimes it was an older kid, making faces at us through the window. Occasionally Mrs. Smith would forget she had sent someone there. One hapless 7th grade student was forgotten until noon when he timidly spoke up from behind the piano and asked to be allowed to go home for lunch. [Read more…]

Red Letter Week

4051_happy_sun_hiding_behind_cloudThis has been a real red letter week for two families — ours and our friends, the B’s.

MONDAY would have been my father’s 92nd birthday. He’s been gone for 53 years now, but nothing and no one has ever filled the void left by his going, and his birthday has always been a special day for me. It is also the day I gave my life to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, when I was 13.

TUESDAY we got a glowing report from Dr. Lahl, the oral surgeon who removed a cyst from Nathaniel’s upper jaw last year. Everything is looking good, and as soon as funding is available he will be fitted for braces to help those permanent teeth to come in straight. [Read more…]

Filter the Message

Years ago, when Ian was pastor of a small rural church, we visited a lady who didn’t like being in a room full of people. When asked why, she said she found it hard to hear when there was lots of background noise. We were young, and she was in her 70s. We thought she was being “selectively” deaf, because she had no problem hearing us speaking to her in her own living room. Now that we are older, we too have experienced the challenge in hearing in a group where many conversations are going on. We know now it’s a matter of filtering and focusing on one person, one conversation, regardless of what else is going on in the room.

Something happened not long ago that brought this home to me in a rather interesting way. [Read more…]